05.22 // 1883 Magazine

There are moments when we feel bewildered and powerless in the face of mounting challenges well beyond our control, and all we wanna do is scream at the top of our lungs “Stop the World – I wanna get off!

In conversation with 1883 Arts Editor, Androxx discusses his new work, talks about life in the time of Corona, and remembers his mentor Natasha Reating, the Washington socialite and art connoisseur who helped him find his feet as a young artist.


06.20 // 1883 Magazine

In the midst of a global health crisis, with a possible economic recession looming upon us and one of the most anticipated US presidential elections in modern history just around the corner – an election on which the hopes of many are pinned of ending the Trump era – there is no better way to nd respite from the distress of the present than to look to the arts.

When New York based visual artist Androxx – a friend of ours since 2012, when he came into prominence with his photos of super model Sebastian Sauvé – offered to preview his new and much-awaited series Pop Life in 1883, we could barely contain the excitement.


07.17 // Future Tenant

Night Fever
July 7 - August 13, 2017
Future Tenant
Pittsburgh, PA

07.17 // Pittsburg Post-Gazette

"Night Fever" explores the disco era of the 1970s

Imagine it’s 1977, when Donna Summer’s "I Feel Love" reached the top charts, or when the "Saturday Night Fever" soundtrack had nightclubs grooving into all hours of the night.

"Night Fever" addresses identity issues, specifically focusing on performance, sexuality and race, in communities that participated in the disco nightlife of the 1970s.


12.16 // Fantastics Magazine

Androxx -- whose works blending image and word riff on topics as varied as literature, music and politics debuts his latest -- Cult Hero.

As the artist/photographer explains, “These were partially inspired by the Arthur/Lancelot/Guinevere love triangle. Our tragic election – with its imperialist overtones – just added another layer of meaning.”

READ FULL ARTICLE (* at the Internet Archive)

12.14 // Jadite Galleries, NYC

December 4 - 24, 2014
Jadite Galleries, NYC

02.14 // Schön! Magazine

Bursting onto the New York art and photography scene with Pop Art infused images last year, Androxx is a visual artist who combines photography and music, image and text, high and low brow culture. Taking lyrics from iconic songs and transposing them onto portraits of models, Androxx sets about capturing the essence of contemporary Pop in an unprecedented form of visual poetry. Schön! is thrilled to be launching the artist’s latest series, with a previously unseen selection of exclusive new works, among which feature Hit Me With Your Best Shot and Doll Parts. Schön! caught up with Androxx to find out more about his show launching later this year, Poptopia.  READ FULL ARTICLE

02.13 // Jadite Galleries, NYC

Androxx -- Photographs
February 7 - 26, 2013
Jadite Galleries, NYC

01.13 // Chasseur Magazine

It has only been a few months since contemporary artist, Androxx, first made his appearance with a certain uber-sensual artwork featuring top model Sebastian Sauve 'hiding' behind an old Velvet Underground record but he has already made headlines with his unique style. Provocative and sensual with just the right amount of humour, his work could be fairly described as a modern day take on POP art, which definitely does not go unnoticed. Chasseur caught up with Androxx for an exclusive interview where he discusses about the nature of his work, his choice to put the focus on male beauty as well as the importance music holds in his life.  READ FULL ARTICLE

09.12 // 1883 Magazine

There are songs that reverberate throughout our entire lives. Despite the passage of time, they will never grow old and indeed they will sound as perfect as they did on first listen – after all, is it not true that "life without music would be a mistake"?

Obsessed with, to use his own words, "the notion of how deeply a pop song can resonate", Androxx – a New York based visual artist with a background as a dj and musician – has embarked on a project that intelligently combines music and photography. With the help of some of the world's most beautiful faces and bodies – among others, Sebastian Sauve – and inspired by some of the greatest songs of all time, Androxx is bursting onto the scene with a series of highly sensual and thought-provoking shots – the first of which, I'll Be Your Mirror, will be released on September 17th.

1883 caught up with Androxx to find out more about his ongoing project.  READ FULL ARTICLE (PDF)